Information about Hitch 'n Pitch

How it works

How Hitch 'n Pitch works...

HItch 'n Pitch is an online marketplace that allows users to rent/share their caravan, motorhome or campervan at times that it is not being used.  Rentors list their van on the site for free, specify when it is available and rentees book and pay for the use of the van.

Hitch 'n Pitch charges a low 5% commission fee based on the cost of the booking and is taken at the time the rentee pays for the rental.

Hitch 'n Pitch makes it easy and safe to rent out your van.  Rentors can ask for a deposit or not. Deposits are not handled by Hitch 'n Pitch, rather the rentee and rentor exchange a deposit privately. Hitch 'n Pitch does handle the daily fees.

Once a rentee books a van for a their chosen time period, it becomes unavailable forrent to others.

Rentors can set their own daily price (there is a minimum of $10 per day for any single rental)

We hope you enjoy the site. Your feedback is welcome to:

Hitch 'n Pitch Admin.